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Korean journalists are not afraid of death, Chinese journalists are harder core

????Recently, Korean entertainment circles have been flooded with victories.

????More and more insiders have been uncovered, even involving financial and political forces. The top figures in the interest chain of major entertainment venues in Jiangnan have been fully identified.

????The big earthquake in the entertainment circle is coming in a raging manner.

????While eating melon, many people focus on the Korean journalists who pull out the big boys behind the scenes. These people are just too tough.

????They fought desperately in front of the big black forces.

????From Jiang Jingrun, a female journalist who started to dig up the story, to Wuhe Town, which picked up the network behind the victory, they took turns to report the dark behind a simple fight and fight without hesitation.

????Wu Hezhen also wrote on social networking sites to show his determination: I will never commit suicide because of this incident, I will fight to the end.

????From the Shiyue shipwreck, Park Shinhui's boudoir, mad cow disease and this victory, they fought with their lives to present the truth to everyone.

????No truth, no death.

????And a documentary about Korean journalists, "The Accomplished" quickly caught fire on Chinese social networking sites, scoring a rare 9.3!

????This documentary is aimed at the three presidents of South Korea. The protagonist is a group of journalists who fought against the president. It proves that "questioning is a journalist's duty"!

????To be honest, no one admires these bloody and ethical journalists!

????But what the factory director wants to say is, while affirming the journalists of other countries, don't forget: there are also such a group of hot-blooded journalists in our country!


????In 2011, Cui Songwang published a report on "Intellectually Disabled Slave Workers", which for the first time exposed the shocking black brick kiln industry chain in an all-round way.

????For this report, he kept a beard for 15 days, pretending to be mentally retarded near the railway station for 4 consecutive days, picking up cigarette butts and eating other people's leftovers of cold skin...

????Eventually, traffickers sold them to black brick kilns for 500 yuan, risking their lives to enter this dark world.

????The foremen here go to major streets to lure the mentally handicapped to work in brick kilns and get beaten if they don't obey the rules. One mentally handicapped person can earn 1500 yuan a month for the foremen. Ten mentally handicapped people are 15,000 yuan, or 180,000 yuan a year.

????Once these slave laborers do not obey, they will be beaten to death and dragged to the wilderness to bury them.

????Because the people in the black kiln factory are extremely vigilant and well-informed, government organizations can always hide paper workers ahead of time when attacking, leading to no one has been able to seize the evidence.

????When CCTV reporters went to cover the black brick kiln, the vehicle was directly intercepted and smashed by unidentified personnel.

????Cui Songwang was also subjected to inhuman abuse here. He was beaten up for laziness and pulled off by leather shoes and belts.

????Eventually, he took the opportunity of drinking water and ran, climbed and swam for three consecutive hours. He sprained his feet three times, injured both feet, and was finally pulled out of the mud by three colleagues.

????Later, Cui Songwang exposed the truth with "Mentally Handicapped Slave Workers", assisted the police to remove the black brick kiln, eight owners of the black brick kiln fell into the net, and more than 30 mentally handicapped slave workers were rescued.

Later, Cui Songwang exposed the truth with " Mentally Handicapped Slave Workers", assisted the police to remove the black brick kiln, eight owners of the black brick kiln fell into the net, and more than 30 mentally handicapped slave workers were rescued.


????This well-known contemporary Chinese black journalist has been called "Lincoln Stephens of China" and "the first Chinese black journalist".

????As early as 2010, Wang Keqin reported the vaccine problem in Shanxi.

????In that year, Wang Keqin traveled to 20 counties, collected materials from 78 families of children who had been vaccinated, and interviewed 36 children and their families.

????It was found that a large number of children would have a series of abnormal reactions after vaccination, some leading to disability and some to death.

????Wang Keqin once said: Shanxi vaccine case can not be solved, Shandong and the whole country will have problems.

????However, after the Shanxi vaccine report was published, Wang Keqin was dismissed by China Economic Times. It was not until the Changchun vaccine incident broke out that people remembered the reporter who shouted for the unfair.

????Nowadays, Wang Keqin has been devoting himself to the public welfare cause of rescuing pneumoconiosis patients, but he used a pen to set off a dark screen, far more than this one.

????He used a piece of "Lanzhou Securities Black Market" to wash "shareholders" with the approval of the Premier, and began to rectify the illegal securities market in the whole country.

????It also exposed the vicious incidents of killing and maiming villagers by village cadres in Minxian County, Gansu Province, and six cadres involved were punished by law.

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